GO/ON!® is commercialized by our partners
in 7 countries:
Austria, France, Germany, Poland,
Portugal, Spain & Switzerland

GO/ON!® is a registered, protected trademark of A.R.E.N.A. sas, whose usage is governed by a rigorous and precise graphic charter.

GO/ON!® is a brand that complies with the applicable regulations in all domains, especially in the areas of safety and quality.


A.R.E.N.A. sas offers Partners and members of the Alliance network an exclusive licence to use the GO/ON!® brand for the manufacture, distribution, and sale of DIY Products in their territories. 

Alliance partners use the GO/ON!® brand for products with clearly defined levels of qualitative performance in order to comply with the quality standards attached to the brand name.


The products of the GO/ON!® brand are:

  • products selected by the Alliance Partner for its market that meet with all applicable requirements, particularly in relation to product safety and consumer protection,
  • products selected by A.R.E.N.A. sas.


The GO/ON!® products offered by A.R.E.N.A. sas represent more than 1,000 references, covering all our Partners' sectors of activity.

These products are subjected to strict verification and control by the A.R.E.N.A. quality teams, allowing A.R.E.N.A. sas to guarantee its Partners a very high degree of reliability in relation to the products sold.



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