Our activity

An approach and teams that are tailored to meet your needs.

Aware of your challenges, our teams work with you towards one goal: achieving your expected results.


Our Partners operate in a highly competitive and constantly changing socio-economic context: saturated markets, mergers and acquisitions, pricing pressures, new forms of distribution, etc.


Developing alone is therefore no longer sufficient.

Our Partners must constantly adapt to remain competitive by responding to the many challenges they are confronted with. 
The A.R.E.N.A. Alliance was created to meet these new demands of the modern world.


On an international level, the mission of the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance is to develop and enable synergies for the procurement of products common to its Members, in the interests of its Members, and to distribute the corresponding benefits.


Via its Import division, A.R.E.N.A. has developed the most economical solutions enabling its Partners to purchase from suppliers worldwide, proposing optimised sourcing methodology and stringent conditions regarding quality requirements.

Key figures
Worldwide partners
Stores worldwide
Banners in 13 countries

International procurement engineering for DIY products. A.R.E.N.A. today


  • Is amongst the largest networks worldwide in terms of number of stores
  • Is 4th in the world in terms of turnover
  • Employs 103 people within the Alliance
  • Has approximately 300 employees specialised in purchasing present on our partners' premises
  • Has offices in Paris, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Warsaw, New Delhi and on the premises of our various Partners
  • Has a multi-sector presence, (DIY, Decorating, Gardening, Building Materials)
  • Implements approaches that are always customised and focused on part or all of our business partners' activities (Advice on International Trading, Quality, Import Sourcing, Supply Chain, etc.)

Our history

Accelerate the rising influence of a group of independent distributors on an international level



Created on the initiative of the French Mousquetaires Group and the German company, hagebau, the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance brings together 7 retail groups and aims to develop real synergy between its members.

Given their complementarity and the potential synergies between them, particularly in terms of their international development, the goal of the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance is to strengthen the efficiency and profitability of its partners.


The A.R.E.N.A. Alliance encourages its Partners, located on five continents, to cooperate closely together and thereby increase their performances.


The A.R.E.N.A. Alliance regularly brings together and welcomes new partners on an international level.


Discover the history of A.R.E.N.A. from its origins to today:

  • Creation of the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance by hagebau, a major DIY retailer in building materials in Germany and by the Groupement des Mousquetaires, one of the main actors in European distribution
  • The Danish company DENDEK and South African company MICA join A.R.E.N.A
  • Following the merger of Danish brands DITAS and DENDEK, the new company DITAS joins the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • MITRE 10 joins the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • RONA, number 1 in Canada, joins the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • hagebau transfers its shares to the central purchasing entity ZEUS. ZEUS joins the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • Creation of A.R.E.N.A. Import for direct sourcing in Asia, with an office in Shanghai, China and an office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Launch of GO/ON!®, the A.R.E.N.A. private brand, dedicated to entry-level products for all our Allies
  • The company BRICOSTORE, present in Hungary, Croatia and Romania, joins the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • The Chinese company HOMEMART joins the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • The Swiss company JUMBO, number 2 in the Swiss DIY market with 40 branches, joins the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • A.R.E.N.A. Import extends its sourcing area to include India.
  • The Italian company BRICOFER, 4th largest DIY distributor in the Italian market, joins the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • DITAS leaves the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • 2 Russian distributors, BAUCENTER, present in three regions of Russia: in the North-West (Kaliningrad), in the South (Krasnodar) and in Siberia (Omsk), and TREST SCM (49 stores in five regions of Russia), join the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • Following its acquisition by the group KINGFISHER, BRICOSTORE leaves the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • DEDEMAN, 1st DIY and construction materials brand in the Romanian market, joins A.R.E.N.A. 
  • BRICO IO joins the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance. The company has a network of 108 points of sale in Italy
  • CRC GROUP with its brands THAI WATSADU, HOME WORKS and BANN & BEYOND, joins the alliance. With its 3 DIY banners, CRC GROUP occupies the 2nd place in the Thai market. 
  • RONA leaves the Alliance
  • PEVEX d.d., DIY leader in Croatia, joins the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance
  • A.R.E.N.A. Import signs a partnership dedicated to sourcing, quality control, negotiations and product quotations with the Indian company Source One.
  • Maxeda DIY Group, #1 DIY retailer in the Benelux, joins the A.R.E.N.A. Alliance

Opening of an A.R.E.N.A. Central and Eastern sourcing office in Warsaw, Poland.


Alliance A.R.E.N.A.'s Board of Directors

Frank Frithjof Staffeld
Chairman of the board

Managing Director Category Management, Purchasing hagebau


Torsten Kreft
Head of hagebau Austria & International Development
Vincent Maïquès
Administrator and owner of Bricomarché POS
Laurent Pussat
President of ITM Equipement de la Maison
Andreas Siegmann
Manager of Jumbo
Alessio Leonardi
Import Manager Gruppo Bricofer
Bruno Ménage
C.E.O. A.R.E.N.A.

Permanent invitee to the Board of Directors

Alliance A.R.E.N.A.'s Executive Committee

Nils Lorenz
Head of International Procurement Department hagebau
Hervé Hedouis
Business Manager of ITM Equipement de la Maison
Walter Rüegg
Head of Category Management / Procurement at Jumbo
Alessio Leonardi
Import Manager Gruppo Bricofer
Bruno Ménage
C.E.O. A.R.E.N.A.
Alexandre Montégudet

Permanent invitee to the ExCom

Alliance A.R.E.N.A.'s Management - Sourcing - Negotiation - Quality

Bruno Ménage
C.E.O. A.R.E.N.A.
Alexandre Montégudet
Commercial Director
Laurence Gourdin
Financial Director
Hugo Valency
Strategy and Digital Director
Lisa Chen
Import Quality Director and CSR
Nicolas Hamel
A.R.E.N.A. China Director
Karen Treffel
A.R.E.N.A. Vietnam Director
Marcin Rybak
A.R.E.N.A. Central and Eastern Europe Director